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X-Bot System
Automated referral system where admin can create referrals and control click values, avarage and much more for each membership
$20.00 USD
Revenue Shares
Do you want to offer Company Shares (or referral shares as you want to call it), this addon make it possible, you can promote it trough "free advertising pack" for each share purchased
$15.00 USD
Allows to the system to autorecycle the rented referrals that never makes a click, you can set different days for each membership.
$35.00 USD
Fixed PTC Advertisements (Fixed Ads)
Do you want to sell PTC Ads for a certain amount of days instead of credits? This is your best choice.
$25.00 USD
Points Contest
Encourages your members through contests using their points, give them cash prizes!
$25.00 USD
Referral Contest
Do you want that your site grows faster? Make a referral contest and give to your members cash prizes, you will see that you will have alot of members in a short time!
$25.00 USD
Head-Tail Game
Classic game where member have to choose between head or tail, admin can control the probability that player win.
$5.00 USD
Send money (members can send money to other member)
Allow to your members to send money from account balance or purchase balance to other accounts. Admin can set a fee for each transaction or deny transfer to free members.
$10.00 USD
PTC Memberships (Fixed earnings)
Do you want to set fixed earnings in some/all ptc categories?. Set fixed earnings per click, referral click, rented referral click for each membership instead of percentage of ad value.
$25.00 USD
Crack the vault (Game)
This is a game where member has to guess the number to unlock the vault, if he fails, part of the bet goes to the jackpot and the other one goes to admin pocket
$10.00 USD
Footer Link Removal - All pages.
Remove our link "Powered by XDotscript Version x.x" from your site
$0.00 USD
Payment Encrypted Integration
Integrate Payment Gateways which be not support to Paid To Click Sites (Avoid to Limited Account Up to 65%)
$70.00 USD

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